The Year The Music Died

The Year The Music Died – a tribute to the late David Bowie, Prince and Leonard Cohen.

Graphite and gold leaf on paper,
18″ x 24″, 2018

© copyright François Champagne-Limoges

The Year The Music Died_w_copyright

Three of my favorite artists of all time and eternal legends. Lots of love was poured into this drawing. Thank you for your legacy of powerful songs and wonderful music. May you rest in peace. Love forever.

The Year The Music Died_BWG_w_copyright

Above: Black and White version, before the gold leaf was applied.

The Year The Music Died_Bowie_I_w_copyright

Above: detail of David Bowie.

The Year The Music Died_Prince_I_w_copyright

Above: detail of Prince.

The Year The Music Died_Cohen_I_w_copyright

Above: detail of Leonard Cohen.

The Year The Music Died_Bowie_II_w_copyright

Above: detail of David Bowie’s hand.

The Year The Music Died_Prince_II_w_copyright

Above: detail of Prince’s hand.

The Year The Music Died_Process_II_w_copyright

Above and below: The application process of gold leaf.

The Year The Music Died_Process_I_w_copyright


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